Must Have Foods For Every Diet

There are literary hundreds of foods that are considered a very beneficial nutritional addition to your diet. However, some tend to have more nutritional value than others.

There are nutritional reports by health expert that come up every now and then claiming that certain foods have the ability to cure all. It is true that there are some foods that have a high content of antioxidants, which the body finds very useful in fighting disease.

Foods that are rich in the substances that act as antioxidants are usually regarded very highly among most nutritionists.

Generally, a healthy diet should contain vegetables and fresh fruits, lean protein sources, whole grains and essential fats. Finding the foods whose balance will give you the result above can be really tricky at times. However, here is a list of the five foods that can be regarded as the nutritional superstars.


This is a rich, creamy product that highly resembles yogurt. The difference between Kefir and yogurt however is that when yogurt has a very high calorie content, Kefir has about 87 calories per cup. This product is rich in calcium, vitamin B12 and magnesium. It also offers a healthy dose of good bacteria or probiotics that help ease digestive problems. You can use it as a smoothie in the morning or use it to marinate foods such as meat and fish or add it to vegetable and puree soup.


The most remarkable thing about walnuts is their high content of omega three fats. In addition to that, walnuts contain a very high percentage of vitamin E, proteins, fiber, B vitamins and anti-oxidants. Research has indicated that having walnuts as part of your daily diet will reduce the chances of getting heart related complications as it aids in lowering bad cholesterol in the blood. You should however bear the fact that walnuts have higher calorie content than other nuts in mind. This means that you should have them in moderation; about twenty walnut halves per day should give you the nutritional value you need while at the same time avoiding overindulging.


These amazing fruits have been proven to have 40% more antioxidant content than even strawberries. They have a very high concentration of vitamin C, which helps a lot in strengthening the immune system. They also go a long way in helping improve the eyesight and the blood circulation. They are very effective when it comes to preventing you from getting rheumatoid arthritis. The other thing that makes them convenient is the fact that they can be frozen for future use. You can juice blueberries and use them as a morning smoothie, add them to your salad, yogurt or even munch them alone as a snack.

In conclusion, if you add the foods mentioned above in your daily diet, you are likely to achieve a healthier body, prevent diseases and live longer. It is important to always apply the cooking and food preservation techniques that will not in any way harm the nutrient content of the foods.